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I had a couple of concerns regarding my visit on 7/25/18. I received a call from the store team leader Dan F. As I was starting to discuss my concerns, I was rudely interrupted by Dan. He told me that the free haircut coupon I had used in the past (no exp date on it) would no longer be honored and I am not a charity case for SportClips. In regards to the wifi not working this was none of my business and if he I didn't like it I could get my haircut somewhere else. Based on his rudeness and demeanor I will.

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It is very unfortunate Mr. Brown misconstrued our entire conversation so badly. We recently found out he was in possession of a large amount of promotional coupons he was to pass out to friends, family and coworkers but instead kept them for personal use. I never referred to Mr. Brown as charity but made the comment we would not extend any more free haircuts as he has received 50! I did say we are running a business not a charity. To date, he has received almost $1,000 of free services and he was angry the Wifi was not working the last time he was in. I asked him if it was fair that he had received 50 haircuts yet is logging a strong complaint about our wifi. He said yes and and that point I told Mr. Brown we would not be honoring his coupons any longer and that if he returned, he would have to pay normal price. He became upset. I said to him and I quote.."Sir, if you feel that you are still entitled to free haircuts, I am kindly requesting you find a different salon to cut your hair." I repeated this twice. Never was I rude to the man but he indeed end the call by telling me to F off. Now he is bashing us on every forum possible after receiving 50 free hair cuts.

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Tom B. | July 27, 2018 Overall Experience

"I had a couple of concerns regarding my visit on 7/25/18. I received a call from the store team lead"